Artists Statement


Barbara Robinson was born one of triplets (two girls and a boy), in 1951 in Sydney Australia. Barbara has six siblings in total in her immediate family.

Barbara's father, a meteorologist, and her mother, a secondary school teacher, moved the family south to Melbourne when Barbara was 2 1/2 years.

After completing her schooling at Surrey Hills Primary School and Canterbury Girls Secondary College, Barbara graduated from Swinburne University of Technology in 1973 with a Diploma of Art & Design - Graphic Design. Later, she gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Media Studies from Rusden College of Advanced Education in 1983.

Barbara worked as a graphic designer and an audio-visual technician at the Caulfield Campus of Monash University - within the then Educational Development Unit - (1974-1989).

In the 1990's, Barbara exhibited paintings and photographs in the inner north of Melbourne with various artist's organisations, including the Darebin Art Action Group, Northern Arts, the Womens Gallery, and the Victorian Womens Trust. The 'My Back Yard' exhibition of the mid 90's is an example. The exhibition was organised as part of the arts and cultural policy of the Darebin Council. The drawings - (see paintings section) Back Yard 1, and Back Yard 2, date from this time.

A black and white photograph of a sunbather on Williamstown beach - photographed, processed and printed by Barbara - was purchased by the Victorian Womens Trust in the early 90's.

In 1999, Barbara won the $300 artist's prize in the 'Walking Together' outdoor mural competition run by the Darebin Council. The competition was concerned with reconciliation between black and white Australians - a very worthy theme for this particular art event.

Barbara sold seven black and white photographs at a solo exhibition 'Outback & Coast' she held at the Caulfield Campus of Monash University in 1989, and has sold art at various art exhibitions over the years held at inner suburban primary schools and Darebin Council supported group exhibitions.

Barbara exhibits paintings or photographs yearly at the Fairfield Contemporary Art Show - held at the Fairfield Primary School, located in Melbourne's inner north.

Barbara married Tim Robinson in 1990. Tim is a multi skilled information technologist and video director. They first met in 1970 at Swinburne University. Tim is also a graduate of Melbourne University, and the couple have common creative interests, including gardening.

Barbara also enjoys surfing - both body boarding and standing surfing.

She also is a Judo player - she gained her first dan black belt in Kodokan Judo in 2012. She also gained a first dan black belt in Jujutsu, (Kyu Shin Ryu),in 1998.

It is while pursuing some of these interests, e.g. surfing, that Barbara gets ideas for photographs or paintings. For example, Barbara got the idea for the painting 'Smiths Beach 3' while walking around with a camera. Barbara has discovered that Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay is also attractive, although it usually has few surfable waves. The paintings 'Middle Park 2 and 3', and framed colour photographs 'Edwardes Lake Park 1', Port Melbourne Beach 2', 'South Melbourne Beach1', and Port Melbourne Beach 2, are good examples also.

Barbara feels Sydney's famed northern beaches, familiar to her, have a glamorous image; Port Phillip Bay is less appreciated. She feels the quiet, clean, unique character of the 'Bay', are captured in these photographs.

Barbara has tried to capture the character of other under appreciated areas of Melbourne city and the State of Victoria, for example the Williamstown black and white photographs 1 to 4, and Inverloch colour photographs 1 to 4.

The colour and black and white photographs were taken all over Australia, using firstly a Nikkormat Nikon 35 mm film camera. Photography taken, processed and printed by Barbara Robinson. Printed on Ilford photographic paper grades 3 and 4. Film stock; Kodak Plus X and Tri-X. The digital colour photographs were taken using a Fujifilm FinePix 2800 camera.


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